Friday, September 11, 2009

Fix It Friday #28


Todays fix-it baby is adorable.

original photo

my edit

What do you think?

Here is how I did it:
Lightened up the photo using levels
Popped the eyes
Added some extra sharpening on the eyes
Cleaned up the face with the spot healing brush
Used a warming filter on 50% opacity

To see some more amazing fixes, visit i faces.

Okay, so I can't stop! I am waiting for my hubby to get home and I just couldn't pass up the chance to do another fix. This one has more of a pop of color, which I usually love. But this time I think I prefer the softer look.


Anna said...

love how soft you made it feel! thanks for the great fix-it! :) (your family is beautiful by the way!)

Alice said...

the eyes really pop! thanks for sharing!

i have my edits posted now, too. feel free to come on over for a visit anytime :O).

B said...

Your edit is absolutely beautiful!

Am I remembering you have an older pse also? If so, you need to give me lessons! :o) I am definitely still learning!