Friday, September 4, 2009

Fix It Friday #27


The photo today for fix-it friday is of a cute little guy. . . with the cutest cheeks. See for yourself!

original photo

my edit

I followed the instructions on Pioneer Woman Photography on how to reproduce a PW Action in PSE. Because I still cannot figure out how to install any actions and I have now completely given up. It is probably better for me to learn how without them anyway. Sigh. But the action I reproduced is called "Fresh and Colorful." I really like the color pop it gave the photo. Then I used the dodge tool to lighten around the eye area, popped the eyes, cropped and sharpened the photo. I love the way it turned out, but really it was a great photo to begin with.

I am loving all that I am learning about editing photos. It is always fun to see the "before and after" of each photo.


Amanda said...

Isn't the clarity on this picture great?? I LOVE how you have stuck with it even though have been having problems with the actions... your hard work is paying off!

God bless-

B said...

Your edit is GREAT! You totally blew my excuse though..... I was blaming my PSE 4 on my inability to get good color! Sigh, guess I'll just have to resign myself to taking the blame. :o) I'm thinking I better go over and read up on PW's site!