Tuesday, September 22, 2009


One of the presents Sophie got for her birthday was a Butterfly Pavilion. After receiving it we quickly sent away for our caterpillars and before we knew it we had 10 caterpillars eating and growing before our eyes. It was so fun to watch them grow and change. Soon they were big and fat and they began forming their chrysalides. We watched and we waited and before too long our beautiful butterflies were emerging. It was so cool and the kids loved watching them fly around. We fed them for a couple of days and then I was finally able to convince Sophie to release them.

It was kind of a waiting game releasing 10 butterflies. Sophie and Collin anxiously stood and watched being careful not to lean over the pavilion too much in fear one of the butterflies would suddenly decide it was time to leave and fly right into their face.

Still waiting . . .
Every time one flew away the kids would get so excited and yell "bye" and wave them off on their new journey.

Now when we see a butterfly Sophie says "Look! It is one of my butterflies. It came for a visit!"


Debbie said...

Jen, What a fun gift...I want one:)

Love to read your blog and although I don't post a comment, I read it all the time. Thanks for the fun!

Jolene said...

That is so cute that Sophie says they come back to visit.