Monday, August 31, 2009

Sophie Goes To Kindergarten

Sophie had a big day last week. Her first day of Kindergarten. She was soOoo excited. (I just love how you can see all of her excitement in these pictures - it just shines through!) She has been waiting for Kindergarten to start ever since pre-school ended in the Spring. We have been talking about Kindergarten and reading books about Kindergarten. In one of the books the little boy takes an apple to his teacher. Sophie wanted to do that too. So I dug into my teaching supplies and found a stuffed apple that I had received when I was teaching and gave it to Soph to give to her teacher. She loved it and couldn't wait to give it to Mrs. Robbins.

I will never forget taking her into her classroom and watching her meet her teacher for the first time. She was so cute as she handed her the apple and stumbled over her words trying to decide whether to tell her she was five or what her name was. She hung up her backpack and made her way to a desk. A DESK. Already?!?! I always thought kindergartners sat at tables. She looked so grown up sitting there with her other class mates that I am sure she will be fast friends with. She was intrigued by her surroundings and looked all around taking it all in. I just know she is going to love it.

Unfortunately that pretty much made up her first day. It was only an hour long and I was there the entire time. She left feeling pretty disappointed that there wasn't more to it. She was off the rest of the week for the teachers to do pre-assessments.

When school started today there wasn't the same excitement there was last week. She took to it like a champ though. She just walked right in and never looked back. I think I was the one holding on. It really set in last night that I was sending my baby away to kindergarten EVERY day. Yes, it is so much like preschool had been. But it its EVERY day. I will miss her. And it will be especially hard for me when Collin starts school next week too.

When I picked her up today I couldn't get much out of her, but she was HAPPY! The one thing she told me about today was "Do you know what we didn't do mommy? We didn't paint!" I thought for sure she was going to say play with toys. I am glad that she had a good day. My little girl is in Kindergarten. Still hard to believe.


Tiff said...

Okay you have me totally bawling! I can't believe how fast kids grow up. She is so cute I love all the pictures. I keep thinking of our first day of kindergarten. That picture of you and I in our new dresses with our name tags on. It's my favorite picture I hold it dear to my heart. Congrats Sophie!! Kindergarten is awesome!!

Jenn said...

Oh Tiff, I love that picture too and thought about it the whole time I was writing this post. Aren't pictures great. They evoke such great memories that otherwise may have been forgotten.

Jolene said...

Sophie looks so cute in these pictures. I am glad she was excited to start school.