Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sophie had her first soccer game yesterday. And as she says "Soccer is HARD!" It was a very emotional game. A game full of fun, smiles, nervousness, and tears. Even before the game Sophie was worried about what would happen if she didn't win.

They started out with some practice before hand. Everything was going great. She was smiling and enjoying being with the other girls "taking turns." That was how she liked it. When the actual game started and girls started pushing and trying to take the ball away it got a little rough. Despite the fact that no one was taking turns Sophie was always eager to go for the ball and was right there with it. Several times she got tripped or nocked down. That of course led to tears. And once someone else on her team scored a goal. That too led to tears.

She even scored a goal. Well not technically. It happened to be after the whistle had been blown for the end of the quarter. But we don't like to focus on that. She was thrilled and so proud of herself. She is so cute.

As of now she wants to go back. So we will. We aren't sure if this is something that will last. We hope so, but if she is going to be a nervous wreck and not enjoy herself it isn't worth it. Only time will tell. But as it is it was fun cheering her on! Go Grasshoppers!!

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