Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

We had a great 4th this year. The kids and I had an uneventful day full of house cleaning, laundry, and playing while Logan worked. In the evening we got together with our friends, The
Miller's and had a great time. We ate pizza and had our own firework show - in the daylight:) ! The kids enjoyed sidewalk chalk and running around and climbing all over Logan and Matt. Good Times! I am so grateful for this country we live in and the freedoms that we have.

Here are Collin and Sophie enjoying the fireworks. Collin wasn't too thrilled about the experience. He hated the loud noises and stood with his hands over his ears most of the time when he wasn't shouting "NO MORE!" He much preferred the snaps.

And so did Ruby . . .

Sparklers were a hit too . . . except for with Sophie.
She wouldn't go near one.

Cute Hallie was up for anything. She couldn't get close enough to the fireworks and was the first to step up for a sparkler. She had no fear and was more brave than my kids for sure.
And this girl has a great love for Lightning McQueen. So cute!

Look at that cute face!! What a sweet guy. Baby David hung out on a blanket through it all and and totally amazed me with his bottle holding skills!

Thanks for celebrating with us Matt and Cindy. It is so wonderful to have such great friends to hang out with. And your great to always get together on such short notice. We love being with you guys and your cute family!


Jess said...

Cute new pics! You were so good to make cookies and let them make a mess. They keep asking and I put it off and off. You inspired me to do it. By the way, these new pics are some of the best. They are awesome photos! Nice job!

Matt and Cindy Miller said...

We had a good time with you guys, thanks for letting us celebrate with you. You can tell Collin that Hallie talks about his "Cars" chair pretty much every day :). She also is asking me where Collin and "Soapy" are at, it is pretty cute.