Friday, July 10, 2009

For Collin

I can't believe that today you turn 3! You have grown up so fast from a little guy (6 lbs 10 oz) with big hands and feet to the big boy that you are today. You are literally changing right before my very eyes and I couldn't be more proud of the boy you are becoming.

You have such a big heart. You are so caring and considerate and love deeply. I am constantly amazed at your thoughtfulness.

You are an amazing brother. You are always thinking of your sisters and what will make them happy.

You are such a good helper. I can always count on you!

You are such a special boy and I LOVE you like crazy. I love the way you say "One more time" every night when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to you before bed.

I love the way you will randomly tell me "I love you mommy!" It melts my heart every time.

I love how you negotiate with me to somehow get what you want (usually candy - you have an incredible love for sugar) "Maybe I could hold it for a long, long time and then I could eat it!"

I love the way you shake your seat.

I love the way you LOVE to jump and seem to never stop. I think you have been jumping since the day you were born, maybe even before.

I love that you share my curly hair - tangles and all!

I love that you talk big but really are so timid.

I love your hugs and kisses.

I just love you so much Collin. Thanks for being my boy. Happy Birthday Buddy! 3 years old. You are getting soOOoo big.

Love, Mommy

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