Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain, rain, and more rain . . . followed by a little sunshine

Man am I ever glad that the sun is shining outside again! There has been so much rain the past couple of weeks I can hardly stand it anymore. I thought I liked the rain, but not in mass amounts. It doesn't even seem like summer has started yet. We are literally stuck in April! My house is a disaster because we are always inside, my kids are constantly bickering and fighting, and my patience has been running thin. It was so nice to start out this week with some sUnShInE! Although the rain did make for some great flower shots with some beautiful rain droplets. At least I found one good thing about the rain, right?!?

Yesterday we held our first summer ArT cLaSs and it was sooOOo much fun -- and yes, the sun was shining! We were very glad! We talked about color mixing and made a pinwheel. So cute! It was supposed to be a color wheel . . . but that got to be too much so we just had the kids color them! Sophie and Collin loved having everyone over. We can't wait for next week! Thanks babe for putting the class all together.

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