Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebrating Summer: Summer Nights

We spent a wonderful summer night at a local pond feeding the ducks, taking walks, and collecting rocks. Collin had his pockets filled and was so careful to keep checking to make sure that they were still there!

Our feathered friends that eagerly ate all of our bread! The kids loved feeding these ducks. You know how you feed some ducks and they can be a little too aggressive and come after you in search of more bread. These ducks weren't like that at all and so the kids weren't scared a bit and just really had a great time feeding them. I think Sophie had a special love for the only white duck ... she kept trying to feed just that one. Unfortunately the other ducks had other thoughts about that!

Check out that arm ... and that smile! I love seeing my kids enjoying themselves. There really is nothing better.

Collin had a hard time deciding on whether to feed the ducks the bread or eat it himself. He loved feeding the ducks, but made sure that he had a few bites as well!

I tried to teach Collin how to skip and he was so cute leaping down the trail. Sophie had a good time racing with dad and Ruby enjoyed being out and about.

Oh those Summer Ni-ights!
Sorry if you now have that song in your head after reading this post. I am totally singing it now!

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Anna said...

I can't believe how big Ruby is.