Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating Summer: Backyard Swimming

I am loving summer right now. The warm weather. The sunshine. All of it! So I thought I would do some posts documenting us celebrating summer.

Yesterday was beach week at the kids gymnastics class so they wore their swim suits and instead of having them get dressed when they got home I got out the pool and we created out own beach in the backyard . . . well, sort of. The kids loved it. They splashed, and splashed. I quite enjoyed myself too sitting in the shade with my feet up watching my 2 cute kids while my other cute kid slept soundly inside the house. What a perfect afternoon. I am sure we will be doing a lot more backyard swimming! And of course, I took a lot of pictures.

Look at those cute freckles!

I just love this face. . . and those eyes - just warming up after a great swim and splash fest!


Jess said...

You guys have been busy! And congrats on meeting your weight loss goal. That is a lot! It is so hard to do that, so nice job. When are we getting together for a bbq?!

The Playin' Lakins said...

You take great pictures! I love that first one of Collin- that is awesome!