Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The pictures on the last post were taken by Jenn and our friend Cindy.  Do you think you know the location of the shoot?  The first person to correctly identify the location on a comment wins the big prize.  A free family photo shoot with Jenn.  She'll photoshop the images and give you the disk.  Jenn's too modest to think anyone would want a photo shoot with her, but you and I know better.  So good luck and here's a hint: its local to Davis County.  I'm so proud of Jenn and her good work.  

Here's a couple I took that night.

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Christian said...

That's Clayton Pearson's back yard. What's my prize and when do I get it?

Jami said...

Bummer, I have no idea where those pictures may have been taken, but Jenn, your photography is so good! I wish we could get family photos from you!

Jolene said...

I thought it looked like the building on Main Street in Bountiful by the Tabernacle, but probably not. I like your photography also.