Friday, April 3, 2009

Tame That Mane!

Right from day 1 Ruby's hair has always stood straight up.
And I have L.O.V.E.D. it!
It catches everyones eye and she receives many comments wherever we go.
She hasn't really lost any of it, she just keeps getting more. It gets longer and longer and still continues to stand straight up.
I still love it.
But sometimes I think it is time to tame that mane!
So here are some of my experimentations.

They are both cute!

We have the classic straight
(achieved only through applying hair product - and I still couldn't get the back to lay down!)

Next I wanted to try a little curly - q !!
So I put in some little foam rollers after her bath today.

It turned out equally cute, but different than anticipated.
It kind of adds a new dimension to the stick straight up look.
It is growing on me though.
I think it will look especially cute when her hair is a little longer
and after I get some practice with the rollers.
I don't have too much experience with them!  HaHa!

But how could my sweet little girl look anything but cute?
I love her new do's
I still love her hair that sticks straight up
I will miss it when it is no longer standing on end!!


The Nielson's said...

Look how cute little Ruby is! I love her signature hairdo. Her and Kaebrie need to play together. Afterall, they have so much in common... Cute post!

Anna said...

I love that straight do! She is darling!

Janeen said...

She is a doll!

Tiff said...

Look at that baby!! She is so dang cute! I was telling my mom about her cute hair the other day. I love how it sticks straight up. Olivia's did that too but she didn't have as much. We definetly need to get together soon!