Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Crafty Side

Happy April Fools Day!!
I am boring.  I didn't do anything to fool my hubby or my kids.  It would have been fun, but sounded like too much work.  Just not feeling that ambitious today!  But I am feeling crafty - and have been a lot lately.  

Every where I look, I find or see something that I want to make.  I am especially drawn to sewing.  I have found some great blogs with things that I am just dying to try.  But I am not that great of a seamstress.  I am not bad, but I tend to rely on a lot of support from my wonderful mom.  Maybe, I will give them a try!  Just maybe.  Or maybe I won't be feeling crafty anymore in a couple of days.  Or maybe I will realize that I don't have the time to be crafty - with three kids, and a totally messy house and all!  But to tide over the crafty side in me I went out and purchased the items I needed to make something very useful for me these days.

Burp Rags!!  Miss Ruby is a spitter for sure.  I need a burp rag in every room, on every counter, and in every baby contraption.  You are never safe from being spit upon when you are around this little cutie.  I am sooOOo excited and can't wait for them to be done.  Maybe I won't have to do the laundry as much.  Okay, probably not, but I can dream!  

I just had to include a picture of my adorable inspiration.  SPIT and all!!

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Logan said...

you are so crafty. I'm glad you're finding creative outlets to stimulate your big brain.