Monday, April 27, 2009

Moto X

Logan took Collin to his first Motor X.  Both had a great time.  Collin is always asking to watch boy movies and many times chooses to watch motor x on TV so I thought he would love the real deal.  He did.  They left early in the afternoon to spend some time in the pits before the show started.  I soon received a phone call from Logan and I could hear Collin in the background saying "I want to go home."  He got bored pretty quick with the pits.  Logan talked him into staying and he loved every minute of the show once it got started.  It was so fun to hear him talk about it with such enthusiasm the next morning. "remember my favorite part was the tractors and the motorcycles!"  "the motorcycles go rrrum, rrum over the bumps!"  "i got a motorcycle!"  

My two handsome boys.
I am so grateful that they could have a boy adventure together.

And don't think that while they were out that us girls were sitting at home.  We were shopping and getting pedicures.  It was so fun!  I loved seeing Sophie sitting up so big getting her nails done.  And we topped it off with dinner and a movie.  It was so fun to have some special time with Sophie - and Ruby too!

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Tara said...

How fun is that. I can't wait until Halle is old enough to go have a girls night together.