Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kindergarten Shots!

Sophie got her Kindergarten shots this week.  I can't believe my little Soph  is old enough to be starting Kindergarten.  Man time flies!  We still aren't 100% sure if we are going to send her (her birthday is only 5 days before the deadline) but we are leaning towards it and I wanted her to just be ready.  I feel like academically she is totally ready, but emotionally I am not so sure.  They grow and mature so fast though.  So much can change between now and September.  Anyway, she was brave.  It was a traumatizing experience for both me and her.  I was so worried just because she would know what was about to happen.  I knew she would like cry like crazy, and she did.  Right before the nurse gave them to her, she asked "Is is going to hurt real bad?"  The nurse told her it would hurt, but only for a minute.  It was heart wrenching watching the first needle go in and seeing her body totally tense up and jerk.  Poor girl.  I think she felt like she had been lied to.  She made it though.  And some pink bubble gum ice cream helped to make things feel all better again!  Ice cream always makes everything all better!!


Logan said...

poor Soph, thanks for doing the dirty work Jenn. By the way Collin smells a little stinky don't you think-got to go.

Tiff said...

Poor Sophie! I still remember my kindergarten shots they are a little traumatizing. I can't believe how fast she is growing up either.