Monday, March 16, 2009


I see you!!!

Please don't let Old Man Winter scare you away again!


The Nielson's said...

Hey Jenn,
I would love to barrow the navy car seat head rest. I couldn't get Kaebrie into therapy until the 23rd and I am leaving to Cali on Thursday. Would it be ok if I sent Jeff over to grab it on his way home from work tomorrow night?

Thanks for all of the info. This really helped me understand what to expect. I can't wait to get Kaebrie started. I hope it will ease her. She has been so fussy lately and I am wondering if it is because she is in pain or uncomfortable. These poor girls!

Thanks again!

Amy said...

Yeah for spring!!!! I am so excited to be done with the winter. Jen, what a cute blog!!! I need some lessons. Maybe we should focus on that for VT this month! Ha ha ha.