Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Salty Adventure

Yesterday Logan asked Sophie if she wanted to go to the beach. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She gathered her floating fish ring and her swimming suite. I packed the diaper bag and grabbed a few towels and we were off to the luxurous beach of the Salt Lake valley better known as Antelope Island. It was a great time! Both kids had a blast swimming in the salty warm water.

Here are a few pictures of the fam enjoying themselves in the water

Sophie had a hard time sharing the beach with the millions of brine flies that swarmed all around us. Because of this we couldn't get her out of the water. This was the one area where you weren't covered in flies. When asked if she wanted to get out she would respond "No, I stay in the beach!"

Collin had a hard time adjusting to the salt water. He kept splashing the water in his eyes and then rubbing it in. Ouch! Poor guy! I ended up carrying around a towl and a bottle of water for face washing.


Anna said...

I love that picture of Sophie in the water. So cute! Sounds fun. Nate's been wanting to go out to Antelope Island again. We'll have to do an outing there together sometime!

mom said...

Your day at the beach looks like a blast. Sophie and Collin are way cute as always.